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It all began back in early 2009. Many of us had formerly been red hatters but the economy had changed and we left the RHS. With Canada in a recession and it didn't make sense to be sending money out of our country.  As the value of the Canadian dollar continued to slip, it made even more sense  to start something "purely Canadian".  I had I belonged to a women's group in the USA called the "Dessert Jewels" so with their permission we decided to form the "Canadian Jewels" - because Jewels are precious. The sole purpose of our group was to socialize with other women in our local area and have fun.

We began as a small group in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Word spread. As sisters told sisters and friends told friends, word soon spread about our new group, the Canadian Jewels.  We listened to why women wanted change. They didn't want to belong to a corporation and the wanted accountability. Members wanted a say and to be heard, so we formed a Board of Directors and appointed Provincial Representatives, representing their provinces. The decision had been made to register as a British Columbia Non-Profit but with word spreading we decided to become a National Non-Profit. When registering federally we had to change our name to Crown Jewels of Canada Society. We have excellent legal representation and an accounting firm that we work with to ensure we are on track and legal in all aspects of what we do.

On July 22, 2009 (our Founders birthday) the Canadian government gave us an official name: "The Crown Jewels of Canada Society." (Great birthday present!)

Our first 1,000 members are called "Founding Members" and may wear a special pin showing they were the ones who helped us with our start-up. We will be forever grateful to them for believing in our mission and showing their support. The Founders Club was closed at membership # 1000 in September 2009.  On October 2, 2009 we received notice from the Federal Government that we were now officially registered as a National Non-Profit.

We are close to registering our 7,000th member! Why not join the fun? There are local events, plus Provincial and National Conventions, annual cruises and a trips to Vegas and Mexico.

Become a Jewel and join the fun.  Join a chapter or start your own. We're here to help you do it - it's really quite easy. We also offer independent memberships for those not affiliated with a chapter but who still wish to receive our newsletters, join in activities, etc.

We are not "hatters" and we ask that our members please never refer to themselves as such.  We are "Jewels" - precious jewels at that!  We believe it's all about recognizing our worth as women and for the fun part of it - the bling!

Queens and Vice Queens of chapters come together to socialize and share information at their local "Royal Court" - a gathering of Royalty.

Why not contact us for information and find out what we're all about?

We've created a circle of friends uniting women across the country from sea to sea!