As the song in Dirty Dancing starts out:  

"Now I've had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before"

There couldn't be truer words perhaps, but not for the reason as in the song. 

Today I am going to write about WHY WE REALLY NEED THE CROWN JEWELS.

I just got off the phone with a friend, the husband of a girl I've known since high school. Our families lives though have been intertwined since the early 1700's. 
She is very ill and they don't know why. She's going through very thorough medical testing in New York. Her husband asked me to call her and hold her hand as she needs me.

The Queen of our chapter is going through a nightmare of a time right now with a husband who is critically ill, going through radiation and chemo in preparation for very intricate surgery. All her days are consumed with getting him to and from the hospital for treatments and appointments with Doctors.

I know several Jewels who are presently fighting cancer and other ailments. Some struggle quietly while others reach out to friends, family and Jewels for support. We all handle stress and illness differently, in our own way, the way best for us.

I've had my own medical battles the past five years and both my husband and I must now be tested every six months for cancer. Our youngest son has just had surgery and is critically ill. We are there to help him, his wife and care for their two small children as often as we can. The stress is overwhelming and it makes us realize how silly it is, some of the things we normally worry about.

This week I found out that another friend has died and another, in Montreal is ill and now his wife has fallen and required surgery. She is supposed to be his caregiver and now she needs her own help.

This is our lives now. We are at that age, when these things begin to happen all around us and to us and our friends and even family. 

This is why WE NEED THE JEWELS and why it is important to look around at our friends and encourage them to join too. 

We need friends. We need support. We need to know someone cares.

Women in a large city are often "lost" - people just assume they haven't seen them lately because they are busy with their own life but all too often they are sitting at home, lonely, afraid, or just plain numb. We all need friends. We all need someone who checks in periodically to see how we are doing. 

Belonging to a CJCS chapter means you are invited to an event at least once a month and someone reaches out to tell you the plans and hopefully, if you don't respond, someone will be in touch to ensure you are okay and just busy that month.

Aging isn't easy. It gets lonelier each year that we get older.

 Let's do it together!

 Please, call a friend today and invite her to join your chapter. 
She needs you, she needs us.